He confessed! The ‘Chiquita brava’ talked about her departure from ‘El man es Germán’

El man es Germán has caught the attention of several viewers, which is why Canal RCN has managed to recover several rating points.

Many people were waiting for the release of the new season of The man is german. However, fans of the series were surprised by the departure of various characters such as Chiquita Brava, Bola 8 and Calixto.

But without a doubt, the departure of Chiquita brava was the one that most impacted the public, because in the first chapter they made it understood that she had died. In fact, viewers have repeatedly asked on social networks to «invent» something so that Chiquita Brava returns to the series, since she was a fundamental part of the program and Germán’s eternal love.


For this reason, given the hundreds of comments where they repeatedly asked about the actress, she resolved the doubts herself and spoke about her character. Heidy Bermudez thanked her followers for their love, “I also miss Chiquita brava. Thanks to everyone who has left a little message expressing so many beautiful things. I didn’t know they loved Jasbleidy as much as I do.».

However, the actress did not give more details about her departure from The man is german. For this reason, his followers were left with doubts and wonder if his withdrawal from the series is due to a problem with the channel, someone from the cast or simply other projects.

What will have happened that the Brava Chiquita said no more to the El man es Germán series?

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