Having the Perfect Boyfriend is possible with Vibra

It’s not a secret that all women want to find a perfect man And we want to ask you if you think the perfect boyfriend is born or made?

Opinions are surely divided, however, on Vibra we believe that the boyfriend we deserve if it is done and it depends on the love that he feels for us.

As Prince Charming arrives, we are going to give you the boyfriend that snails and it will not fail youeven on the hard days.

Our boyfriend has the chivalry of Maxito, the romanticism of Leo, the spark of David, the tenderness of Jaito and the patience of Dr. Méndez.

What should a Perfect Boyfriend have?

Win your Perfect Boyfriend listening to Vibra because when we ask you what was the song of the perfect boyfriend that opened the musical hour, you are going to have to send us a voice note to our WhatsApp 3166451729.

In it you must tell us your name, the name of the song and the time it played.

This perfect boyfriend contains a comfortable pillow in the form of arms to accompany you on difficult days and other things to improve your day.

  • Hot water bottle for the abdomen
  • Tea bag for colic pain
  • relaxation eye patch
  • aromatherapy
  • Furry stockings

Every day we will have a winner and you can meet her At 10 am.

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