Have you seen Ricardo Arjona in cartoons?

Once again Ricardo Arjona shows us his versatility by giving us a song as different and unique as the ones he alone is capable of doing.

Contrary to what others do, looking for collaborations and making songs with urban influences, he dared to show that romantic facet that we know him in the company of a string quartet and a piano.

In addition, for the premiere of this song, he decided to do it with an animated short film in which he himself is the protagonist in the best style of toy story in which a beautiful love story is told.

And it is that the quality is not anything, since the anime already competes in the main film festivals in the world. Arjona without alienating any musical current or competing with anyone, he settles in the world of what he knows how to do to occupy a space in the music that he intends to tell, say and sing.

Heaven in my favor tells the story of a beautiful musical box dancer, who upon hearing the beautiful melody, comes to life, dancing in the midst of different toys, scattered in a children’s room. Everyone admires her beauty and her grace; among them, a toy Indian, carved by hand from a single piece of wood that despite not being able to move her rigid body, is able to draw the attention of the beautiful dancer.

The shyness and physical rigidity of the Indian do not seem to be an impediment for the dancer to fall in love with him and of course, he with her, trying to share the magic of music and… You have to watch the video.

Also, check out the animated character and tell us if you think he actually looks like it or not.

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