Have you heard Juanes’ new song yet? want better

The new song by Juanes is called “Want better” and this time it has the company of Alessia Cara, the Canadian singer who won the Grammys 2018 What “Best New Artist”.

Juanes after receiving recognition as “Rock Artist of the Year” at the Heat Awards for his social and philanthropic work, he decided to make this new single known.

In addition, he has just started a series of concerts in USA after their historic performances at two of the most important festivals in South America (Lollapalooza & Vive Latino).

Wanting better is the new song by Juanes

Wanting Better captures the commitment that two souls have made to a once-in-a-lifetime love that writes its own poetry while guided by universal synchronicity.

This song hopes to become one of the most eternal ballads of Juanes (such as «Photography» and «It’s For You») due to the instant chemistry the duet features.

It will surely be so, since his video already has more than 5 million views since the day of its premiere.