Haunted house where The Conjuring was filmed is up for sale

They put the The haunted house in which The Conjuring was filmed is for sale because the owner would have experienced paranormal events like those in the movie.

Maybe you have let yourself be scared by this horror movie that was very successful around the world. The house in which a large part of the scenes of the film were filmed in 2013, entered the process of being sold because its owner seems to expose the inexplicable and terrifying events that happen in it.

Initially, the property was acquired by its current owner thanks to his admiration for paranormal phenomena. According to him he bought it for “try to grasp something inside“, although it is suspected that he did it rather because he wanted to take advantage of the fame of the place with the intention of earning more money.

Haunted house where The Conjuring was filmed is up for sale

Surely you have already seen The Conjuring 3 but you may not know the real story behind the movie. Well, part of the films are surrounded by very real events and that is precisely what is revealed in this house. In this gloomy home located in Harrisville, Rhode Island, United States, it is ensured that there are strange events, that echoes are heard and the doors close by themselves.

The house was built in 1836 and also has three bedrooms and two bathrooms; Many say that this place is actually haunted. In the 1970s, the family that lived there assured that they experienced paranormal events. These events inspired the directors to shoot the movie at this location.

Now, this property is very visited by curious tourists who can only see it from the outside. The current owner of the property, whose name is unknown, put it up for sale for a price three times higher (today it is 1.2 million dollars) than it was purchased two years ago, which is undoubtedly a great deal.

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