Hassam confessed that he was unfaithful to his wife a few years ago

The renowned Colombian humorist Hassam He confessed that he was unfaithful to his wife a few years ago, in the midst of a crisis in his marriage.

It should be remembered that for a few months Hassam has been sharing with his followers the effects chemotherapy has had on your body in the process of fighting cancer.

Hassam confessed that he was unfaithful to his wife a few years ago

In recent days, the humorist surprised his followers with an Intsgram Live broadcast he made in the company of his wife Tatiana Orozco, with whom he has had a wonderful relationship for more than 16 years.


There, the couple took the opportunity to open their hearts and tell several funny anecdotes from their marriage, as well as difficult moments that almost led to divorce.


In the recording, the humorist recalled that they went through very strong stages as a couple and that there were very serious lack of respect on his part. He also questioned his wife about whether she came to hate him during this crisis, to which Orozco replied: With the soul“.

Regarding their separation, the humorist confessed:

We separated because there were problems, fights, conflicts of interest, infidelity on my part, mistreatment. I was always a very rude guy, I’m still rude when they take the stone out of me, but now I try to be more calm. We were destroying ourselves and we were taking home the home, the girls

Hassam via Instagram.


Similarly, Tatiana Orozco said:

There came a time when I said: ‘no more, good luck’; With all the pain in my soul and with everything I had built and dreamed of I felt that, more than betrayed, he had turned his back on me at the best time of his life

Tatiana Orozco, wife of Hssam.

Finally, both stated that they came back and got ahead thanks to the help of God, who helped them to heal and overcome of this difficult stage of his life.

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