Hassam clarified if MasterChef Celebrity is scripted

hassam was one of the participants Master Chef Celebrity in his 2019 season, that’s why he dared to answer a question that many had.

The third season of Master Chef Celebrity It has stood out for being the most controversial of all, as its participants have given much to talk about. That is why the suspicions of the faithful followers of the program have been raised to know if it is scripted or not and it was precisely Hassam who clarified the doubts.

Hassam spoke about MasterChef Celebrity and clarified whether or not its participants have scripts

The first thing the comedian mentioned was that the season in which he participated was full of good energy, “In my season of Masterchef Celebrity at least we cooked, very little novel. Sorry, I’ll take this. This world needs more love and laughter. And whoever wants can be outraged”. Taking advantage of the fact that Hassam was solving doubts, his followers did not hesitate to continue investigating.

For that reason, they began to ask about the «supposed scripts» within the program and thus mentioned “The television producers are going to kick me out here. I’ve been on five reality shows. Reality shows are not freeloaded. There is a team of writers who structure the form according to what each participant shows. So there’s a plot formed.».

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