Hanging succulents, do you want to have one at home?

The succulents pendants They are one of the most desired plants to decorate houses and offices, because in addition to looking beautiful, they do not have major complications when it comes to caring for them.

Having plants at home is a wonderful experience because they can help you decorate and by the way, they give you classes on how to be a mother because giving them the necessary care so that they grow beautiful is a task worth admiring and with which you could to identify.

The types of hanging succulents are usually the least recognized, because many times we have no idea what plants we have at home. We want to show you different species of this plant so that you are encouraged to have one and dedicate time and love to it.

Types of Hanging Succulents

Decorating some spaces with hanging succulents is a very common practice for gardening lovers. There are some species called “collectors”, which are not very typical plants, but they are ideal if you want to decorate and have excellent company. Some of these species are:

  • hearts necklace
  • donkey tail
  • Rhipsalis cereuscula
  • christmas cacti
  • rosary plant

Hanging succulents with flowers

It is not very common to find succulents that bloom so openly and that shine with their color. These types of plants are often associated with cacti or species with very leafy and elongated leaves, but to everyone’s surprise, they bloom for much of the spring and summer! Maybe you want to decorate your home with Rat Tail Succulent, Peanut Cactus and Monkey Tail Cactus. These species display vivid colors such as purple, orange, and red.

Hanging Succulent Plant Care

Succulents usually live a long time with minimal care as they can retain large amounts of water inside. Among the most basic things that you must apply so that your succulent pendant is the envy of all, is:

  • You will need little water. Plants often die from excess liquid, so in cold months, you should only water it every fortnight. In hot weather, you may need one watering per week.
  • Succulents love the light. These types of hanging plants require light, but not direct sunlight.
  • Very simple substrate. Succulents could grow on almost any terrain, rocks, dirt, or near trees. For this reason, they generally require a mineral-poor substrate.

Hanging succulents and their names

You can find succulents with pretty weird names. Let’s be honest, we never know plants by their original names, because we prefer to adopt the way most people call them. You may want to have hanging succulents like Dolphin Senecio, Ruby Tail, Nickel Chain or Hanging Jade.

How to transplant hanging succulents?

Although there are several recommended techniques to change the home of this type of plant, one of the most famous is this:
– Place in the new pot between 3 and 5 cm of soil at the bottom.
– Pick up the tendrils of the plant and its roots, taking care to place them with the greatest subtlety at the top to avoid damaging the succulent.
– Carefully remove the plant from the pot, loosening the roots with your fingers before planting.
-Now, remove more than a third of the old soil that the plant had and make sure that the succulent is in the entire half of the pot, in an upright position.

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