Half-sister of Thelma Fardin affirms that Darthés did not rape her

In a radio program, Thelma Fardin’s sister made strong statements against the actress of Ugly Duckling. He even stated that the actor, Juan Darthés, did not rape her.

A few months ago, Thelma Fardin reported that she had been raped during a tour of the series. Many actors sympathized with her and in her networks she also received a lot of support. Then the actor Juan Darthes gave the following statements: “She made a pass at me, approached me and wanted to kiss me, and I told her ‘no, what’s wrong? I was the one who took her out of the room and I told her ‘Thelma, you’re the age of my children, I’m out of here.’ Days later the actor traveled to Sao Pablo.


Now, Thelma Fardin’s half-sister is the one who has the attention for some strong statements she made. Thelma’s half sister is called, Carla LescanoThey are daughters of the same mother, but they have a different father. Carla was sexually abused by Thelma’s father, from the age of 7 to 12. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but for a benefit he was able to get out after 7 years.

Statement from Thelma Fardin’s sister

Carla granted an interview to Mario Thibault, for the radio program, let’s talk straight. This is what she said: “When it really happened to me and I went through 800 medical tests. 20 doctors checked me out, they investigated me down to my toenails, they did a Gessell camera. Y now it seems that the fashion now is I go out and say: Hello, I was raped ten years ago and it’s great“.

He also stated that Thelma has very serious psychiatric problems, he called his mother to tell her that he was going to commit suicide. In addition to that, he supported Darthés: «I would have told this a long time ago if it had been true, it is clear that what he is saying is not true. Darthés left me without arguments when he came out to say that she had been the one who wanted to advance him. Obviously there was a situation, I can’t say it was a lie, but I’m sure he didn’t rape her.”.


Statement from Thelma Fardin’s attorney

After Carla’s statements, Thelma’s lawyer made the following statement: “It is very painful that the sister does not support her. That is not evidence in a process, the beliefs that she may have. There is witness evidence (in favor of Thelma). The testimony does not surprise us. The sister is in great pain because Thelma’s father raped her. We knew this could happen.»

The process has not yet come to an end. Tell us what you think about all this on social networks, do you think that Thelma was raped or that the half-sister is absolutely right?

With information from: Infobae