Hairstyles with African braids, you will look divine!

The hairstyles with african braids give to show off a look out of the ordinary thanks to its versatility and shape. For this reason, they are ideal for trying out different colors and styles.

Surely you have been thinking about changing your appearance and for this reason, we show you braids for short hair that will make you look fabulous and also the new trends in hairstyles with African braids that you will surely love:

African braids

It may be that you have decided to make African braids or that you have already had them for a while. This very urban style is ideal to look very fresh and try as many hairstyles as you can imagine, all of them preserving the tradition that represents a lifestyle inspired by Afro culture.

African glued braids

The perfect look for an urban vibe! It is best not to make so many color combinations in the rubber bands. With a thread of a single tone it will suffice because what should prevail when you wear glued braids, is naturalness. Adding races on one side of the head makes them generate more volume and symmetrical or asymmetrical figures can be made. Another good recommendation that will make you look radiant is that the braids are thicker at the top and get thinner as they fall.

Hairstyles with African braids on the side

The braids for hair with hoops, continuous and tight weaves are ideal for when you want to comb your hair on the side. even with this looks, You could think about curling the ends to give a different and less conventional finish to the hairstyle.

African braids for girls

It is clear, girls should not lose their innocence in their looks! For this purpose, you could try making a braid with elastics of many colors in the middle of the head or pulled only on one side. This style is very versatile and you could combine several hairstyles into one or change the direction of the braids to form updo hairstyles.

African braids styles for wedding

If it is about looking different in a marriage, the best thing is braids that fall on one side of the head, alternating other strands that go backwards. This look can have a retro touch, including appliqués or flowers for a fresh and hippy who will be the center of attention.

Hairstyles collected with African braids

Updos can be very subtle and will keep your cornrows from being the center of attention. You can try a high updo headdress with continuous waves and braids attached to one side. It is a style with which you will look very elegant for any occasion.

Hairstyles with short African braids

Races are the best allies of African braids. East look It is very casual and is mixed with the glued braids, to create a very fun geometric illusion as long as the runs have defined diagonal or curved lines. Do not forget that any alternative of hairstyles with collected hair They can also be adapted to African braids and used on gala occasions or on an informal outing with friends.

African braids hairstyles for men

Perhaps the best option for men is glued braids. This style can be complemented with short braids or parted in the middle, which give an illusion of loose fall. A very contemporary hairstyle that can even be worn with dyes or bleaches to give them a very special touch. chic.

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