Hairstyles for long hair: 4 super trends

The hairstyles for long hair they never go out of style, in fact, several of the current trends are based on striking headdresses that expose the hair naturally.

Having long hair is totally worth it, because it can demonstrate elegance and is an ideal way to frame the features of the face and project your personality. With the outfits indicated, you could manage to look perfect for any occasion regardless of whether the dress code is a gala or a much more informal event.

We are going to show you some hairstyles that you can do at home, whether you have frizzy hair or a totally straight one. Put these styles to the test and choose the one that you feel best with to impact each place you go.

1. Hairstyles for long hair with braids

A very simple headdress that can get you out of trouble if your hair woke up rebellious or you didn’t have time to wash it, is the headband braid. To achieve this, you must make a French braid starting from one end of the head to the other. A good recommendation would be to leave the rest of the hair loose or, if you wish, adorn it with a ponytail.

2. Hairstyles for long collected hair

A good option that you can experiment with is a style wrapped side ponytail, which unites the best of two worlds: uncomplicated loose hair, with a ponytail. You just have to take a strand of hair from the side and take a tail, and then take another strand from the same side, wrap it together with your hair tail and press it with a hair clip.

3. Hairstyles for long straight hair

The best way to wear a hairstyle if you have straight hair is to do it with total glamor. Long hair with a straight cut requires a perfect straight, but maintaining naturalness with movement in the lower area and exhibiting hair without damaged ends. A mid-length or mid-side stroke style can be very interesting to explore.

4. Hairstyles for long wavy hair

Defined curls always go well. You could try an extra long wavy styled from the side to create an illusion of more volume and movement. Another way to wear this hairstyle is to wave your hair from a medium height, a proportion that can make your face look slimmer.

How to care for long hair in women?

It may be that many times you hear that to have long hair you simply have to stop cutting it for a long time. Well, the recommendations of the experts indicate that some trimming should be done with some frequency, to renew the damaged tips. Other guy The important thing is to brush it correctly and if you straighten it with an iron, avoid doing it too often as this would cause the hair to burn. Finally, you should use moisturizing masks for the scalp and wash it twice a week.

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