Hairstyles for curly hair, 5 very cute looks!

There are hairstyles for curly hair that can be discounted since they are perfect to wear on any occasion.

Do not think that curly hair does not fit! The sensuality, elegance and good style that your ¨crespitos¨ give you are worth showing, although you should hydrate them with masks that help you keep them beautiful.

We are going to share 5 looks that you will love and that you can wear with outfits relaxed, more modern or elegant. Put them to the test and you will see how well they will fit you:

1. Hairstyles for short curly hair

A good option to wear to a lunch, a party or a quiet plan, is the curly Italian bun. You just have to pick up the sides with small tweezers and throw the hair from the back forward, making sure to make a tail.

2. Hairstyles for long curly hair

A look that is very easy to do at home and that can get you out of trouble is the famous semi-updo. All you have to do is pin strands from side to side at the top and let your curly hair fall in the back.

3. Hairstyles with braids for curly hair

They will never go out of style. A hairstyle that can be very useful is the headband braid. Just separate two strands at the height of the ears and start braiding them. You must cross each of the braids to the opposite side and finally hold them with the help of tweezers.

4. Elegant hairstyles for curly hair

An elegant party or meeting requires a stunning hairstyle. You could try a high updo that combines braids with waves that you can create by strands at the bottom.

5. Hairstyles for girls with curly and short hair

Loose hair does not go out of style and for girls, it is a good option because it highlights their innocence and is a wild card with which they can attend any event. You can enhance her curls with brushes or waves made with curling irons.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to make hairstyles for short hair very easy and creative and share them with the Vibra community through social networks.