Hair dyes, choose the one that suits you best!

The hair dyes They can achieve different effects on your skin tone and face shape, so it is important to make the best choice.

Knowing which color suits you best is a task that cannot be taken lightly. Maybe you’re tired of using the same look or you want to return your hair color to the natural tone, so you should know the advantages that one or another option offers you.

In case you want to look younger, hide some gray hairs or simply have an effect to lighten or darken the tone of your skin, we tell you how you can achieve it:

hair dye colors

To try new effects or know if the tone you want suits your skin tone or goes with your facial features, it is best to consult an expert colorist; but to get ahead of the task, we leave you with some suggestions that will help you be at the forefront of fashion:

  • Smoky Gold: This is a warm shade with golden undertones that would go great on blonde hair.
  • Smoky brunette: it is a chocolate shade that provides hints of bronze, which could go well with black hair.
  • Mushroom blond: it will give you an innovative opaque grayish tone and would work well on brunette women who would like to be blonde,

What is the most natural hair dye?

If you are concerned about the chemicals that make up the dyes, you should know that henna is natural and provides coppery tones that go very well on fair skin.

And how to dye gray hair naturally

A trick that you can use to dye yourself without having to go to the hairdresser is through an infusion of black tea, which could darken the hair and thus hide gray hair. Prepare 2 cups of the infusion and let stand for 30 minutes. Once it cools down, apply to your hair and after 20 minutes, rinse your hair.

Hair dyes for men

Vanity also exists in the masculine gender. The vast majority of men agree that the appearance of gray hair is the ideal time to try the dye, although there are those who prefer to try in other stages of life with brown tones of intense shine or golden caramel, the two tones that generate greater luminosity and even makes them look thinner.

What hair color makes you look younger?

Clear tones are definitely a good choice. Colors such as light brown or chocolate soften the features and give the face more luminosity. Ash tones are also popular for having a lightening effect, hiding spots and smoothing wrinkles.

What hair color makes you look lighter?

Golden tones are perhaps the most favorable if you add some highlights. If your skin tone is dark-brown, the ideal would be mahogany and also highlights in red tones.

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