Hair dryer: we reveal all its secrets

I’m sure we’ve all used one. hairdryer at some point in our life. This device is one of the most loved in beauty because the truth is, it constantly gets us out of trouble.

Our beauty routines require a ritual and the hair needs its own care so that it is as we want it: smooth, curly, without frizz and well-groomed. The hair dryer is undoubtedly our best ally because it is of great help to give the look I need to show off.

So that you know what you can do with your dryer and you didn’t know or learn the techniques to properly dry your hair, we share with you those facts that will be useful to you from now on, we promise!

hair dryer function

This electromagnetic device created in France by Alexandre Godefoy, has been accompanying women’s beauty processes for more than 130 years. Among its main functions is to give the hair a quick drying to prevent the sun’s rays from mistreating it, or the roots and scalp from suffering damage such as hair loss or the appearance of fungi due to excess moisture. . It is also used to texturize, smooth or define curls, allowing hairstyles to be made in a short time.

hair dryer for women

Although there are some generic references for all types of hair, although there are some that are specialized for fine or curly hair that could give some benefits in terms of maintaining hairstyles and the hair itself. However, the most important aspects that you should take into account when purchasing a generic dryer (or dryer) are:

  • The power: this should be a minimum of 1,800 or 2,000 watts. Remember that the higher the power, the less time it will take to dry.
  • Temperature: the ideal would be to choose models with adjustable temperature to avoid burning the hair with the same intensity during use.
  • Size: Surely you think that a large dryer will be better, but it is not entirely like that, keep in mind its portability, the weight and the effort that you will have to make when using it.
How to straighten hair with a dryer?

There are several tricks that will help you give your hair an incredible straightening and that will make this style last longer. Here we tell you:
Always use the nozzle that directs the heat because it will help you to have a smoother straightening and with more movement.
Try running only your hair dryer first before brushing, until you have it almost dry. Make movements with your fingers to massage it and separate it. This will help not mistreat the roots and give it a more natural touch.
Straighten hair by sections. Now if you use the brush making movements from the roots to the ends, while passing the dryer in an angled way (with the nozzle downwards), as this will give more volume.

How to dry hair so it doesn’t get frizzy?

A good trick is not to wrap the hair with a towel as we usually do, it is better to do it with a t-shirt or microfiber garment. As for drying, you should do the process using a wide-toothed brush that generates volume and pass the dryer about 8 cm away from the hair, generating an enveloping movement with it. This technique will prevent the hair from drying out.

How to dry curly hair?

This type of mane requires very precise care so that you do not end up like a lion. For this reason, it is advisable to completely dry the hair, taking care to always use the diffuser that comes with the device because in addition to giving the hair a more textured shape, it highlights the curls and leaves them silky. You should also use your fingers while the dryer acts at an angle and separated about 10 cm from the hair, in order to prevent it from being affected by the high temperatures.

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