Hair color for brunettes, ideas that you will love!

You are determined to dye yourself but you do not know what tone to use, here we give you some ideas of hair color for brunettes.

If you’re tired of wearing the same hair color and style, it’s time for an extreme change. Not only can you see the hair colors that are trending so you can get an idea and decide how you want to look before the end of the year.

You can also be inspired by these other ideas that we are sure you will not only love but of course you will also love them.

hair color for brown skin

This is the perfect opportunity for a change, it is a good time to wear a new style, feel beautiful, enhance your features and show off a new look with which you are going to leave more than one with their mouths open.

Brown color with purple streaks

This tone is undoubtedly one of the most flattering for brown skin. It is achieved by mixing reddish and brown to give that tone to the purple that is responsible for highlighting features and therefore look divine.

balayage color

This style is definitely here to stay, although it has been known for several years, it does not go out of style. The success of this tone is to degrade the color of your hair with lighter shades, giving a much more natural look.

mauve chocolate color

This tone is one of the most striking, if you decide on this color you will surely attract attention and you will look beautiful. It is about combining pink tints with brown, such as brown or cappuccino color. If you want a subtle change, this trending color can be a great option.

Cava dark hair color for brunettes

The secret of this color is to combine blonde, brown and champagne tones to have the look that will make your skin stand out and give it a very special shine.

Light ash brown color

If what you want is to make your skin look smooth, this is your ideal option. Ask your stylist to put a dull golden tone, without reaching the characteristic yellow that blondes have. The idea of ​​this tone is that you make a discreet change but that will make you look perfect.

If you have already chosen your ideal color, you should not forget your eyebrows… That is why here we tell you how to choose the color for your eyebrows according to the tone of your hair.