Hair color for brown skin, you will look fabulous!

Here we are going to give you several ideas of hair color for brown skinyou will surely love one of these styles for your new look.

If you have brown skin and are making the decision to change the tone of your hair, here we give you several ideas so that you can choose one with which you feel better. The best thing is that these colors will fill your face with light and enhance your features.

What hair color looks good on brunettes

If you think it’s time to change your hair color because you want a new look. Keep these tones in mind because you will surely look charming.

Hair color for brown skin: Honey tone

If what you want is to make your skin look smooth, this is your ideal option. Ask your stylist to put a honey tone, without reaching the characteristic yellow that blondes have. This tone will help you make a discreet change but will make you look perfect.

Copper color

The good thing about this hair color is that a golden tone will fall on your skin due to the effect caused by this style. That is why the ideal is that you do it in a subtle way so that when everyone sees you they say WOW!

color black

Black hair color is never lost, it is a tone that enhances your features to make them look much finer. In addition, it provides a porcelain effect on your face and will give you a much more sophisticated appearance.

Color tiger eye

This is a trend that is gaining more and more strength, it is a combination of brown and gold tones to bring more light to your face. That is why it is ideal for dark skin, because it will highlight those features that you love so much.

ash color

If you want to dye your hair gray, let us tell you that this is a style that looks amazing on brunettes. It will make you look sober but above all very elegant, that’s why it will always be a good option.

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