Ha-Ash’s Hanna teaches us how to lose weight (Photo)

The Mexican singer revealed to us the curious way to lose weight, she found it on the Internet and put it into practice, of course, you have to do it to know if it really works, do you dare?

We all know that the Pérez sisters like to have fun with all the things they see on social networks and this is really curious.

Hanna revealed the curious way to lose weight just by caressing her nipples WOW!

… Hanna “burning” calories ??‍♀️ hahahahaha




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A post shared by HaAsh (@haashoficial) on Apr 7, 2017 at 1:58pm PDT

And it is that according to 8FACT 3 to 6 calories can be burned when the nipples become erect, so the singer decided to try the advice, recommend it and even share her method on Instagram.

After reading this way to lose weight in a ‘fast and effective’ way, the singer may grope herself every chance she gets.

The publication already has thousands of likes and it has made each of its fans laugh.

Is it true or just teasing?