Gymnast criticized for «fat» breaks stereotypes of beauty in Olympics

The criticisms he received in the past through the networks were so heavy that they decided to delete them. Who said gymnasts had to have statuesque bodies?

There is nothing wrong with admiring the physical beauty of Olympic athletes, but ruthlessly criticizing their supposed ugliness is one of the most horrible things that can be done to a human being. We introduce you to Alexa Moreno, a Mexican artistic gymnast who achieved the not inconsiderable feat of qualifying for Rio 2016 as the only representative from her country. Check out his routine, with which he placed 31st in the games:

Well #AlexaMoreno It does not have a figure of the Russians or gringas, it was in 31st place, but few in #MEX they can do this

— Joe (@joelcanojr) August 9, 2016

Despite her enormous effort and her incredible gymnastic skills, she received all kinds of criticism and insults on the networks for her compact body, different from the stylized stereotype of competitors from other countries. We’re not going to show you the rude taunts (we don’t want to advertise uncreative trolls), instead we want to show you the outpouring of support she received… A gold medal against stereotypes!

A national pride. #AlexaMoreno

– Lluma (@ISantamand) August 10, 2016

Hey Alexa Moreno @AlexaMorenoM_ Look at the little monkey that Qucho made of you, it was cute.

– JulioCésarGarcíaLuna (@JUCEGALU) August 11, 2016

Mexican pride #AlexaMoreno
By: @LaloRecobaM

— roastbrief (@roastbrief) August 11, 2016

Learn something; never value unconstructive criticism that comes from an idiot. #AlexaMoreno

— Malvania (@supergirl) August 11, 2016

#AlexaMoreno = inspiration

– Edgar G Pichardo (@ElDeCreativo) August 11, 2016

We are with you #AlexaMoreno

— TURN (@GIRE_mx) August 10, 2016

#AlexaMoreno Respect for achievement is bestowed only on those who have once tasted success.

— Caesar (@the_best_only) August 9, 2016

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