Guinea pigs – typical mistakes in keeping

Missing health checks: Guinea pigs can get sick from many things. Regular health checks help to identify illnesses at an early stage and to be able to counteract them quickly.

Inadequate care: The importance of nail and coat care is often underestimated. Proper care, however, contributes to the well-being of the animal and prevents pain.

  • Our tip: Check your pet’s coat and claws regularly. This will allow you to notice changes in the fur (bald spots), parasites and changes in the skin and deviations from the optimal claw length in good time and take appropriate countermeasures.

Wrong pick up: Guinea pigs are delicate creatures. Picking them up takes a lot of finesse.

  • Our tip: To properly pick up and hold your little friend, place one hand under the torso. The second hand is slid under the back of the animal. If the animal is picked up with both hands, it cannot easily escape and may injure itself. Now you can easily lift it up.

Inadequate enclosure care: Care of the enclosure is not only for cleanliness, it also protects against bacteria, urinary tract infections and helps against odours.

  • Our tip: Plan a fixed cleaning day every week. Even if you remove droppings, old food and damp bedding every day, the enclosure still needs a thorough cleaning at least once a week.