Guinea pigs in the outdoor enclosure

Keeping guinea pigs outdoors all year round in a garden enclosure is the most animal-friendly way of life because you can create natural conditions here.

Demand and effort are quite high in the outdoor keeping. With the appropriate design of the enclosure, guinea pigs can cope with the climatic conditions of our latitudes. However, it is important that the guinea pigs have already grown the necessary fur outdoors in the summer before they are exposed to the winter temperatures. The commercially available outdoor enclosures are too small and unsuitable for permanent outdoor keeping.

With a little manual talent, you can build a suitable enclosure yourself from wooden slats and a close-meshed fence or aviary wire. Everyone should be aware before purchasing the animals that keeping guinea pigs costs time and money. However, the better the enclosure is planned, the less of a burden it will be to care for the animals later on. If you keep guinea pigs outdoors, you should keep a group of at least three to four animals.