Group of guinea pigs

The right composition of the guinea pig group is crucial for the positive cooperation of these social animals.

Even if there are no fixed rules, it is not just the sex that is decisive when it comes to keeping them, but also the character of the individual animals. Above all, the appropriate living space is decisive. Even the most tolerable guinea pigs develop aggression if they are kept incorrectly and not challenged enough.

group size
The smallest possible group of guinea pigs consists of two animals. But there are good reasons to take in and keep three or more animals at the same time:

  • Several animals encourage each other to behave more actively.
  • If a guinea pig dies or if an animal has to be quarantined for some time, then none of them have to be left alone – even temporarily.
  • Since guinea pigs are territorial, it is easier to put together a group right away than reincorporate animals later.

Possible group compositions

  • a castrated male and two to three females
  • one to two castrated males and two to four females
  • castrated bucks in small groups

A pure female attitude is not optimal. A buck has a balancing effect and neutralizes the disputes that sometimes prevail among females. In addition, the animals cannot live out all their behaviors in a group of females, since the formation of groups is unnatural.