Gregorio Pernía without underwear tempts followers on IG

The actor Gregorio Pernia without underwear He sparked the imagination of his followers on Instagram and they left him very risque messages.

Fernando José Gregorio Pernía Maldonado is one of the Colombian actors who has achieved international success in Latin America thanks to his character of Aurelio Jaramillo, El Titi, in the soap opera Without breasts there is paradisea Telemundo Internacional production.

The daring photo of Gregorio Pernía without underwear

Now, the man from Cucuta woke up playful and very early in the morning decided to get up to water the plants in his house and did not miss the opportunity to bite the tongues of his more than 4.6mm followers on his official Instagram account.

«Can I water your garden?»

Gregorio wrote next to a photo in which he appears from behind watering the plants, but only with a shirt on, and nothing else!

«I don’t have but I improvise hahahaha»

«Depends on your shower 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪»

«Open Instagram and see this first image on my cell phone, it’s priceless 😘❤️😍😍😍»

“My god, I have 10 hectares of garden, come my king 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

«Give me the stem daddy 🤤»

«Mijo, don’t be miserable, teach something else 😂😂😂😂»

“🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥 my mother we are dying already!!!! This is how you start a Monday, yes sir, of course we want you to water the garden for us 😂😂😂”

“Depending on how loaded you are, you can water the garden 😉😉😉😅”

«Gregorio uses his hose 🤩»

They were some of the spicy responses left in the comments of the post on his Instagram account.

Some curious facts about this actor

Although he is a happily married man with children, he knows very well how to tempt the imagination of his fans around the world, and that is that he has never had any problem showing his body through social networks, where he frequently shares images tone raises.

Who is the wife of Gregorio Pernía?

Is named Erika Rodriguez and is a model born in Girón, Santander; They have been married since 2007. Despite the fact that she does not have the same fame as him, she is one of the most solid couples in national entertainment.

How many children does Gregorio Pernía have?

Although many still think that this actor has 4 children, the truth is that he has 5: Emiliano Pernía Gardeazábal (born in 2000), Julián Gregorio Pernía Turizo (born in 2006), Luna del Mar Pernía Rodríguez (born in 2007), Valentino Pernía Rodríguez (2014) and Diego Pernía (1987).
However, he was recognized by the actor more than 30 years after his birth after the positive result of a DNA test.

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