Greeicy suffered a hard fall in concert, with 8 months of pregnancy

Greeicy suffered a hard fall in full concert, with 8 months of pregnancy! He left his fans quite worried.

These days, the charismatic and talented Valle del Cauca singer Greeicy Rendón is happy performing the Lovers tour 2022: Att: Lovein which in the company of her fiancé Mike Bahía, they are filling the stages of the main cities of the country, delighting their fans with their music.

One of the details that has made this tour something very special is not only the commitment between the Caleños, but mainly the singer’s pregnancy, because although she is already passing the eighth month of pregnancy, on stage she does not seem to be, because in all the time she is dancing and entertaining the public with her sensual movements.

Her strength and tenacity have earned her the applause of thousands of followers who affirm that in her condition, very few would dare to go on stage, because in addition to being quite exhausting, it can be risky.

Greeicy suffered a hard fall in full concert, with 8 months of pregnancy

But this does not seem to worry the caleña, because during each date she seems to be happier than ever, however, it seems that not everything has been perfect, because precisely in the middle of one of her shows she suffered a strong fall that left the fans quite worried. spectators. How did it happen?

According to the story that Greeicy herself gave on stage, she apparently went down to make a costume change when she suddenly fell, fortunately she managed to react at the moment and put one of her knees, which prevented the fall from being worse, however This worried both the attendees and Mike himself, who claimed not to have noticed.

In this regard, the dancer also expressed humorously:

«I think it’s fashionable to fall on stage, I fell now, did you see me? Severe blow that I gave myself there. God, my God, is that God is precious, he is above, below, forward, behind, taking care of me. I went in to change and I said, my God, what just happened, you don’t know how my body reacted, but how nice, I mean, nothing happened, but I fell, those in front saw me, we’re in fashion, we’re in fashion fall down.»

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