Greeicy Rendón shows the fake part of her body

The singer and actress Greeicy Rendón is criticized for this false part of her body, that’s why she showed it as it is!

One of the characteristics of charismatic people is their ability to make fun of themselvesthat good humor that allows them to show themselves as they are and laugh, without worrying about what they will say.

That, precisely, is what the actress and singer Greeicy Rendón recently did on her Instagram account. It turns out that she his smile design has been criticized a lotbecause her followers find her false, too perfect!

Greeicy Rendón, instead of getting angry, defending herself or justifying herself, decided make fun of herself by showing her followers what she looks like without the criticized false teeth; He made them through Instagram Stories, so we only have some prints taken from the video…

In one of the videos, Greeicy feels grimace without her prosthesis, because her teeth are very far apart, do you agree?

also vibes with: Jessica Cediel’s wasp waist, is it Photoshop?

What do you think? Do you think Greeicy Rendón really needs to wear false teeth or does she look good without them? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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— @ (@vibra_co) November 30, 2016