Greeicy Rendón said that she was a victim of witchcraft!

Although many do not believe it, Greeicy Rendón said that she was a victim of witchcraft. This was revealed at the time!

Recently, a TikTok account dedicated to the singer revived an interview from the show. It is said of me Canal Caracol, in which the woman from Cali opened her heart and recounted the dark moment he went through a few years ago because of witchcraft.

In an interview, Greeicy Rendón said that she was a victim of witchcraft!

In the images, which were recorded in 2017the interpreter of The kisses revealed that from one moment to another She began to feel quite depressed and desolate for no reason.

“Where I arrived, people left, but unintentionally, I arrived and I was left alone… I began to pick up habits like getting into holes, putting on headphones and getting into corners, like walking away from everything

The dancer also reported that she began to feel so bad that she wanted to abandon all her projects. Even at one point he even thought about suicide.

“I came home and felt like dying, I felt like committing suicide… but at the time I thought about it and was aware that something was happening to me (…) I love to dance, I love animals, I love music and all that annoyed me, and I said it is very strange what is happening to me going. What I love the most is giving me depression, this is not normal, but I couldn’t help it, it was a thing that controlled me.»

Finally, the singer decided to go to a spiritual consultant who revealed to her that was being a victim of witchcraft. Although he initially refused to believe it, his spiritualist told him the two names of the people who were trying to harm him through this practice. To your surprise, They were two very close people.

But fortunately this did not break the dreams and goals of the Caleña, who stated that He managed to overcome this difficult situation with prayer and a lot of faith.

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