Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía almost ended before pregnancy

Did you know Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía almost ended before pregnancy Of the singer? The interpreter of Routine He confessed why his relationship with his girlfriend almost ended.

The confinements that we live around the world due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus affected people in different ways, and especially many couples, some of whom did not overcome the quarantines and ended up separating.

According to an interview, a similar case occurred with Greeicy Rendon and Mike Bahia, who are about to have their first baby after 9 years of relationship; let’s remember that the pregnancy was announced taking advantage of the launch of her song Att: Love.

Due to the pandemic, Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía almost finished before pregnancy

In an interview with Puerto Rican journalist Jorge Pabón, the couple spoke about the challenges they had to overcome during the pandemic. Unlike many couples, who were separated by permanent coexistence during the confinements, Greeicy and Mike went through a crisis because of staying apart.

As they confessed, the first months of the quarantine were together all the time, but then Greeicy had to leave home for 7 months to record the series Wild rythmwhile Mike was recording his new album and working on a reality show in Peru; as travel was restricted, they could hardly see each other.

“It was difficult and let’s talk about it by name, we are all made up of security and insecurity, and the distance in some way was that water that gave fungus to insecurity so that it grew in some way.

But It wasn’t the insecurity between us, it was more on my part, I feel, it was a lack of having her, it came from having her rather in the pandemic every day, from feeling her by my side, from knowing that she was breathing, but when your wife is an actress and is generating a role, a character in a new environment (…) you begin to feel a number of changes that… What happened? But beware, she is part of my process as a couple. ”

Mike confessed.

Look at the fragment of the interview in question, where the singer talks about the reasons why his relationship with the interpreter of The advices.

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