Great-grandmother attended her great-grandson’s class and ended up being the sensation

Cute one great-grandmother attended virtual class with her great-grandson and ended up being the sensation thanks to his charisma.

During times of pandemic, schools and universities around the world had to adapt to the «new normal» and this included not attending classrooms in person, in addition to welcoming virtual classes through various platforms. This situation complicated in some way many parents who, apart from working, had to be attentive to accompany their children in their online training process.

Well, if it’s about stories that comfort the soul in difficult times, the one that happened in the United States and has Julia Fulkeman as its protagonist, a tender woman just 102 years old, is a champion. She is the new fury in the networks thanks to her participation in the physical education classes of her little great-grandson, Brody.

Great-grandmother attended her great-grandson’s class and caused a sensation in the networks

Taking advantage of the easing of biosecurity measures in the US, Julia went to visit Brody at his home and decided that she wanted to join him in one of his virtual educational sessions. The great-grandmother attended a physical education class and ended up being motivated to participate, doing the exercises with her great-grandson. Seeing this tender scene, Ángela Contreras, mother of the minor, took her cell phone and began to record Julia’s movements.

The post quickly went viral and today, the athletic great-grandmother is recognized all over the world. It should be noted that Julia’s age does not prevent her from being very funny and sharing her joy to enjoy her life, as evidenced in the account of her granddaughter, Angie:

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