Grandma’s tricks that really work

Since one is right, and even more so when you have children, you hear from everyone that there are natural tricks for all kinds of conditions; After many years of trial and error, I am going to share the ones that have worked for me:

Calendula is great for those of us who have chronic gastritis, it is the best anti-inflammatory and healing agent. It is available in health food stores or homemade infusions, but be careful, only the flowers.

Rubbing an ice cloth on your face before applying makeup helps keep the skin from shining, especially the T-zone. It is important not to overdo it and use the cloth to prevent the ice from burning the skin.

Magnesium sulfate in warm water, and if possible with elder flowers, works very well to reduce inflammation, especially the feet. It helped me a lot during pregnancy.

For some scientific reason unknown to me, this works very well when children have asthma attacks and have difficulty breathing: it is hot milk with paw jelly. It is beaten very well until the gelatin dissolves with the hot milk, it is taken before going to bed and hopefully under the covers, and the taste is very pleasant.

REY soap is the inseparable companion of lazy housewives like me; it is used to prevent white clothes from turning yellow, to shine pots, to waste light-colored clothes without staining them, to rub soap around the pot before putting it on the wood stove, it prevents soot from sticking, in addition to all of the above, is very cheap.

Alcohol is the best cleaner for glass surfaces, tables, monitors, screens and mirrors, it does not tarnish, in addition to not leaving an egg smell in the areas.

Hydrogen peroxide in gargle: two measures of water against one measure of hydrogen peroxide is the best for sore throats and tonsillitis. Be careful, hydrogen peroxide should not be passed, it can be counterproductive.

Paraffin in clothes: the garment is ironed with newspaper; the heat absorbs the paraffin and the paper picks it up.

The Vick Vaporub works great to prevent bruises, bumps, coughs, and chapped lips. For coughs, especially in children, it is applied at night on the soles of the feet while placing stockings; They will have a better night.

When embolizing the leather shoes, finally shining them with a half evening will make us not envy anything about the military jacket.

For the patacones to be crispy it is important to fry them in plenty of hot oil at a constant temperature, the oil cannot be cold because they get soggy, nor can it be very hot because the plantain browns on the outside, leaving it raw and when they are assembled they fall apart.

Adding or soaking coffee is very good to avoid and remove bad odors from utensils such as cokes from the onces, thermos, blender, canecas and lunch box.

To prevent your feet from sweating in your shoes when you’re not wearing socks, it’s important to apply powder, simple but effective.

I have tried all these tricks, they have worked for me, but nevertheless it is important not to overdo it and it is worth visiting a doctor if the symptoms of the conditions become chronic. If you know of others, do not hesitate to share them…