Goodbye to Carlos «the fat» Benjumea

Carlos “El Gordo” Benjumea has been a benchmark for television, cinema and theater in our country, eternal friend of Pacheco and remembered for his character Don Camilo.

The fat man, as we all knew him, passed away at 80 years of age; his 50 years of artistic career they made it an icon of our television.

Last year he had to undergo emergency surgery because his spinal cord was causing severe lumbar pain and pain in his legs; Despite this, his recovery was satisfactory.

His sister-in-law, also an actress Maru Yamayusa (Josefa in Let’s get rid of podsposted a family picture recently on their social networks in which «the fat man» could be seen sitting in the middle of the whole family.

Characters of Carlos «the fat» Benjumea

Carlos worked alongside important actors from the golden age of Colombian cinema, among them, Otto Greiffenstein, Franky Linero, Maria Eugenia Davila, Margalida Castro and many more.

The millionaire taxi driverfrom 1979, Latino emigrantfrom 1980 and spouses on vacationfrom 1977are some films in which Carlos participated and to which he put his personal stamp, innocence and subtle humor.

We will not forget the series of the 80s either based on the literary work of the author Giovanni Guareschi, Don Camiloadapted to the history of violence between liberals and conservatives in Colombia.

Undoubtedly The many interpretations of Carlos “el gordo” Benjumea will always remain in our memory. on television, film and in the theater.

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