Gloria Trevi… 18 years after loose hair!

18 years after its success Free hairLook how Gloria Trevi has changed… Incredible!

Although she still has her hair down, the Mexican Gloria Trevi today she is another woman very different from the girl we saw in the iconic song of the 90s that made her famous, remember?

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Gone are the tangled hair and stockings veiled with holes, today we see a mature woman who is already coming down from the fourth floor (she is 49 years old) with her head held high and a contagious energy. It is surprising that after spending several years in jail, she was accused of a crime for which she was never prosecuted, Gloria Trevi still has the face of a rebellious and daring girl, look…

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What do you think of how Gloria Trevi looks today? Did it get better, worse, or stay the same? Write your opinion in the comments of this note, and share it!