Gloria Estefan Says Shakira Didn’t Speak English

In addition to this, she also says that it was she who had to translate her songs into this language.

the cuban singer Gloria Scam has revealed that Shakira she did not know how to pronounce a single word in English when she considered landing in the Anglo-Saxon record market, and that it was she and her husband Emilio Estefan who encouraged her to face such a challenge by recording an album entirely in this language.

“When Shakira started working with us, she didn’t know English, so I had to translate the songs for her. and convince her that she could succeed singing in English”confessed the consecrated interpreter in an interview with the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The interpreter remembered how the nerves completely invaded Shakira a few minutes before giving her first performance in a language she was not yet familiar with, as she thought she would be completely unable to sing her album tracks in English that was easily understood by the audience.

“The first time she had to give a concert in English, she was very nervous. I had to go into her dressing room to calm her down and say, ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to do great and everything will be fine.’ She went on stage and triumphed ”revealed the nice Gloria.

Aware of the international repercussion that consolidating himself in the US market has for an artist, Gloria Estefan He has always tried to convince Latin singers that taking this important step is of great benefit to their musical career, while making it clear that they do not have to forget their own style or their roots.

“Emilio and I were told that we would not be successful when we started, but we have always done what we wanted regardless of what the market demanded at any given time. As an artist you have to do what you really feel. In the case of ‘My land’, for example, we spent five years working on that album and we waited for the moment we thought was right to release it. We knew we were taking a big risk, but I’m proud of it.»he concluded.

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