Girl names, have you already chosen the one you like the most?

There are Girl’s names that just by pronouncing them, they sound beautiful. If you are looking for options to call your daughter, niece or cousin, you have come to the right place because we are going to show you very good ideas.

Sometimes choosing an appropriate baby name can be a long and tiring task. It’s not just about finding a cute option that rhymes with surnames, it’s a decision that will accompany her for life and will give meaning to many of the traits that will define her personality.

We know that there are rare names for girls and that is why we want to help you by showing you a list of alternatives that you can take into consideration to call that little boy who will surely brighten up your life:

biblical girl names

The Bible, the sacred book for Catholics and Christians, has among its stories names that are very beautiful and represent qualities and meanings full of positivism. You could choose one of these:

  • Abigail: It is of Hebrew origin and means the joy of the father.
  • Amanda: has a beautiful meaning because it means the one who is loved by God.
  • Ester: it is a name of Hebrew origin that means star of the night.
  • Eugenia: is a name of Greek origin that means well born.
  • Guadeloupe: is a word of Latin origin that means river of love.
  • Agnes: comes from the Greek and its meaning is pure or purity.
  • Irene: It is a name of Greek origin that represents peace.
  • Joan: comes from ancient Hebrew and means the one who is faithful to God.
  • Mara: its meaning is a woman full of kindness and respect for others.
  • sarai: This name has a beautiful meaning and is a princess.

Uncommon girl names

There are names that are different and very creative, which is why they are a very good option since your girl will not have so many namesakes and will stand out from the rest for being very special:

  • Alana: comes from ancient Persia and means beautiful awakening.
  • Elijah: comes from the Greek and means the one that shines with the sun.
  • emma: is a name of German origin that means the one that is strong.
  • Lola: It has its origin in Spain and although its meaning is not known, it is a very nice name.
  • Not: Although it does not have a specific meaning, it is a beautiful name and one that is very different from normal.
  • salma: the root of this name is Arabic and means to be safe.
  • Zaira: is a beautiful name of Arabic origin and means the most illuminated and bright.
  • Zoé: is a name of Greek origin that alludes to a gift of life.

Fashion girl names

You already know that there are names that, although they may or may not be known, become very fashionable. For you to make a good decision, we share the names that are in in these times:

  • Soul: has a Latin origin and means that it gives life.
  • Ariadne: is of Greek origin and means the one that is pure.
  • Belen: comes from Hebrew and represents the expression house of bread.
  • Camila: is a name of Latin origin that means the one that maintains the fire.
  • jana: is a name that comes from Latin and represents the phrase God is merciful.
  • Manuela: is a name that in Christian origin means God accompanies us.
  • Luciana: its origin is Latin and its meaning is very precious: luminous.
  • Mine: it is the diminutive of names like María or Amelia, but it would mean light.

Colombian modern girl names

In Colombia there are names that are very common but they do not stop having a very particular stamp. It does not matter if you combine them or use them alone, the idea is to give the girl personality with a beautiful name:

  • Alexandra: It is usually associated with the meaning of the protective phrase of men.
  • Alicia: this name is wonderful. It comes from the Greek and means truth.
  • Carla: its origin comes from the German term karl, which means powerful.
  • Elena: It is a name of Greek origin that means resplendent.
  • Julia: Although it does not have a clear origin, it is given the meaning of noble or fair.
  • Leticia: its origin derives from the Latin Laetititia which means that it brings joy.
  • Martina: It is a name that is consecrated to the God Mars, the Roman God of war who is represented as the fortress.
  • Silvia: This name comes from Latin and means «natural of the forests»

If none of these names caught your eye, then you could try Japanese names for boys and girls. You will surely find one you like.