Gianluca Vacchi or Pawel Ladziak, which one do you prefer?

Every day we know something new from the Italian who is no longer «So Millionaire», but it seems that he will soon be forgotten, the reason?, a younger man with a similar appearance but a little more seductive and who steals the show in social networks.

He’s Pawel Ladziak; also know as «Grandpa»; who despite having only 35 years, does the impossible to look much older. Ladziak may not have Vacchi’s millions, but he gives him competition in the dreamy abdomen, the white beard, lots of tattoos and a very attractive girlfriend.

Unlike Gianluca, Pawel He is a model and bodybuilder, he leads a healthy life next to his girlfriend, who is a model fitness and is the same age. As a couple, you both promote healthy living.

Which of them would you stay with?

Taken from Report XXI