garden for the dog

If you don’t want garden plants to suffer from a dog, you should separate your ornamental garden from the dog garden. Read here how this is best done and what else needs to be considered.

Dog owners with large plots of land can separate a «dog garden» from the kitchen and ornamental garden with sufficiently high fences or walls. Hedges are not suitable for this. On the one hand they can be permeable, on the other hand many are poisonous or have thorns on which an animal can injure itself. So that the dog does not dig under the fence, it should always be placed on a solid foundation. If that is too time-consuming, you can bury your own dog’s droppings along the fence, which will keep the animal from digging.

A dog garden optimally consists of a large area with durable lawn, some trees and selected shrubbery, and offers the animal the opportunity to romp, run around the bushes and trees, dig and hide bones or chewing sticks. In the summer, dogs love to dig a hole and lie down in it to cool off.