Funny differences between men and women (Illustrations)

Society is full of stereotypes, and the ones about the differences between men and women can be hilarious.

Some situations that are used to define the characteristics of men and women have become so cliché that people do not even realize that treatment of genders is often unrealistic and even prejudiced. For example, do all women take more time to get ready than men? Are all men more relaxed than women?

The illustrations published by the artist ADME show the differences between the sexes in a very exaggerated way, but, precisely because of that, they are very funny. He looks at the pictures of him and thinks: Do you agree or disagree with the point of view of the person drawing?

Difference #1: Self Esteem

Difference #2: The Barber Shop

Difference #3: Going to the bathroom

Difference #4: What they see when they see a woman walk by

Difference #5: And in bed…

Difference #6: Tusa feminine vs. masculine tusa

Difference #7: Desks

Difference #8: Computer Desk

Difference #9: And on social media…

Difference #10: I don’t have to wear!

Difference #11: How long it takes to get ready…

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How are you? Do you feel identified with any of the situations portrayed in these funny illustrations? If they made you smile share this note with your friends in the networks, and let them have fun like you!

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