Fun facts about Valentine’s Day that you didn’t know

Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost everywhere on February 14, but why not in Colombia? This and other curious facts about this date, here…

Although we believe that Valentine’s Day is a commercial and cultural invasion of the giant of the north, the truth is that it has a historical origin. Look at some curious facts about this celebration, so you can surprise your friends.

-Valentin was a priest: In the Rome of the third century AD it was forbidden to be a Christian, so those who professed that faith were persecuted; On the other hand, the Romans were forbidden to marry, so they had to do it secretly, because of the forbidden religion, of course. Valentin helped hundreds of soldiers get married, until he was finally caught and executed.

-It is a religious holiday. Although in Colombia we get angry because more and more people celebrate Valentine’s Day, it turns out that it is an official religious celebration of the Catholic Church, more specifically a saint’s day, since Valentine became a martyr during ancient Rome.


-And what does Cupid have to do with it? The reason why Cupid, a Roman god, is today a symbol of Valentine’s Day and of love in general comes from the Middle Ages, when this figure was associated with courtly love and was expressed through romantic letters and poetic declarations.

-“Your Valentine”: In many countries around the world, especially in the Anglo world, on February 14 love notes called «your Valentine» are delivered. The origin of this is that -according to legend- when Valentin was imprisoned in ancient Rome he would have fallen in love with the daughter of his jailer. Just before his execution, the saint only managed to leave him a note that only said «YOUR VALENTINE“.

-Although it is increasingly celebrated around the world:

  • In Colombia it is celebrated in September and we call it the Day of Love and Friendship
  • A similar day is celebrated in Egypt on November 4.
  • In China there is Qi Qiao Jie (day to show the skills’), celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar
  • In Catalonia the ‘Day of Sant Jordi’ is celebrated on April 23
  • In Brazil the so-called Two Valentine’s Day (day of the bride and groom) is June 12
  • In Bolivia the Day of Love and Friendship is also celebrated, but every November 21

-And why in Colombia do we celebrate love in September and not in February? The reason is going to leave you with your mouth open, look…

-The 3 C’santions that are most dedicated in Valentine’s Day in the world are:

  • The Way You Look Tonightby Frank Sinatra
  • My Heart Will Go On by celine dion
  • I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by aerosmith

Not only chocolates and flowers are given: According to reports from the condom-producing company Durex, sales during Valentine’s Day increase by up to 30 percent.

What do you think? Do you prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Love and Friendship?

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