Full Moon of February 2021 or Snow Moon and its meaning in love

The full moon february 2021also known as Snow Moon, is the astrological phenomenon with which the second month of the year says goodbye and has its meaning.

Next Saturday, February 27 at 6:26 pm (in Bogotá) the Moon, located exactly on the opposite side of the Earth and the Sun, will be completely illuminated, giving rise to the snow moonthe second full moon of the year after January’s Wolf Moon.

What is the snow moon?

Many Native American tribes had the custom of naming each of the moons of the year. The one corresponding to the month of February was baptized as Snow Moon because during that month there is usually heavy snowfall. For this same reason it was also known as hungry moon.

These days you will see our satellite very white, cloudy and cold in the sky; astrological energy can affect you at the level of interpersonal relationships, especially in love, an aspect in which you will feel the urgency of make definitive decisions regarding your partner: terminate or commit.

And it is that during the days that we will be under the influence of this Moon we will feel that suddenly we will be more open to change, even curious and wanting to transform our love life, either by the beginning of a courtship, a marriage proposal or the culmination of a toxic relationship.

Take advantage of this influence to take that step that you know you need, but not until you have been able to undertake out of cowardice, laziness or simply lack of interest. You deserve it.

Now that you know this information, share it with your contacts on social networks, but soon, because this Moon is only with us for a few days!!