From Valdivia to the world: Peregrino prepares his first LP with a producer who worked with Nirvana

During April the recording sessions of the band’s first full-length are announced Pilgrim from Valdivia. The power trio made up of Pablo Moreno (voice and guitar), Alexander Vera (battery) and Louis Oviedo (bass) was one of the winners of the Music Fund, which will make it possible to put together an album that will have eleven songs.

Till the date Pilgrim has the EPs “Edge” (2019) and “Silence” (2021), with four songs each. For the new album, which at the moment has no name, compositions made since 2015 were chosen that are the result of a style that mixes atmospheric, stoner, grunge and psychedelic rock.

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The band Pilgrimfrom Valdivia to pure rock

In its short history, the group has successfully positioned itself in various scenarios.

In 2018 he played in the second version of the festival From the Austral Noise of Punta Arenas; in 2019, also in Patagonia, it formed the line up of the festival we are from the south; and in 2021 it was part of the festival rock tide (Rockodromo stage) with a concert at the Cervantes Regional Theater from Valdivia.

Likewise, during 2021 the music of Pilgrim It was reproduced in more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe and America, through digital platforms.

On the return to presence, Peregrino also adds concerts in Espacio en Construcción, together with the Ecuadorians from Munn; and the First CasaMúsica Festival.

Pilgrim’s new

for his first LPthe group will move to Santiago to work at the Lautaro studio with the production of Claudio Manriquez (gang leader adelaide and responsible for the seal Hiss Records), which will also handle the mix.

The mastering of the work will remain in the hands of Jack Endino, key producer of the grunge scene in Seattle, United States, since the 1990s. The professional has collaborated with bands like Soundgarden and Mudhoney. He even produced the famous album “bleach«, of Nirvana in 1989.

“As a band we have been able to participate in instances that have allowed us to access various agents of the national and Latin American music industry, so the production of this LP will mean another step on our way, taking into account the interest generated in a growing audience and industry players who are waiting for more music from Peregrino».

«In the same way, we have been able to link up with referents of the musical genre that we develop and who are willing to collaborate in the production and distribution process of our music. So, with a lot of work we have managed to get the attention we wanted with our musical project, to through a sound that we combine to make it unique and identity, with an important musical and lyrical proposal and associated with the natural environment in which we live”explains the band.

Thanks to the resources of music background, 200 copies of his album will be released in CD format. There will also be distribution on digital platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, AppleMusic, tide Y Youtube. The launch is expected before the end of the year.

«The realization of this project will allow us to deliver a more varied proposal that better represents the maturity that the band has been acquiring, adding material available to distribute and increase our regional, national and international audience.»

«Without a doubt it will be a crucial process of artistic creation, which can position us as one of the recognized rock bands or at least with great potential and working for it»added the members of the group.

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