Fredy Guarín was taken to the emergency room by the police allegedly after a fight

Football player Freddy Guarin was taken to the emergency room by the National Police presumably after a family fight in which he would have been involved.

On the morning of this Thursday, April 1, a series of home videos began to circulate on social networks in which The footballer of the Millonarios Fútbol Club is seen allegedly involved in a family fight, which is why the National Police apparently forcibly removed him from a house, where some of his relatives would be, as heard in the background audio. Guarín has bloody clothes.

“Take him away, take him away…”

A woman is heard saying.

«This Chinese went crazy»

Says another male voice behind the scenes.

Fredy Guarín was taken to the emergency room

Then another video appeared in which the midfielder is seen in a parking lot surrounded by police officers. Subsequently it is observed that they force him to lie down on a stretcher and take him to the emergency room. Here we share both videos:

Although in part of the second video Fredy is seen making a statement on a cell phone carried by another man, he has not commented on the incident on his social networks. For its part, Millonarios Fútbol Club did make a post on their official Instagram account, where they give their support.

Sara Uribe, mother of one of Guarín’s children, has not spoken out either; However, Andreina Fiallo, mother of the rest of the soccer player’s children, shared a story where she refers to «who can criticize».

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