Fredy Guarín gained weight and looks changed, but he seems happy!

Apparently, the former Millonarios soccer player was careless with his physique and in the networks they do not forgive him. Judging from an image he shared on Instagram, Fredy Guarin gained weight.

Fredy Alejandro Guarin Vazquez he is a professional soccer player who arouses love and hate; On the one hand, his sporting achievements catapulted him to fame, but on the other, his personal entanglements have left him in a bad light, especially with the women’s union, especially due to the love triangle he starred in with his exes Andreina Fiallo and Sara Uribe .

Although a few years ago he was at the top of his career, playing in teams of the stature of Porto (Portugal) and Inter Milan (Italy) and repeatedly being part of the Colombian National Team, He has been without a team since the end of 2020, after a brief period in Millonarios. Many people believe that his career is slowed down due to the scandal in which he was involved in April 2021, when he allegedly had a family fight.

Fredy Guarín gained weight judging by this photograph

Like any footballer, Fredy must stay in shape and that is reflected in his body, which we knew from photos he shared on his social networks and in which he looked very athletic. That is why a publication on his official Instagram account surprised his followers, because he sees himself with several kilos of more.

“Spending time with mom…

The midfielder wrote next to the following image…

Before and after Fredy Guarin

Such an extreme change in an athlete of the stature of this guy from Boyacá not only draws attention for his personal image, which really is the least of it, but also because soccer players are athletes who work with their body, which is a tool that must be in optimal physical condition. Extra pounds are not a good sign for your career. Take a look at her before and after…

Take a look at some of the negative comments left by his followers:

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