Freddy Beltrán was eliminated from MasterChef and they regret it in networks

The charismatic comedian Freddy Beltrán was eliminated from MasterChef and in networks the Internet users who unleashed a whole wave of reactions regret it.

This edition of the popular celebrity cooking contest not only has become one of the most viewed but also one of the most controversial in recent yearsbecause its contestants, the fights between some of them and the controversial statements that have been made inside and outside the kitchenhave made this a highly commented topic on networks.

Every weekend on platforms like Twitter, the program and each of the situations that occur there become a trend, and this was definitely no exception, because Not only were there harrowing moments, but there was also another unexpected elimination!! What happened?

Freddy Beltrán was eliminated from MasterChef and a wave of reactions was unleashed in networks

Everything happened after Liss Pereira became the winner of the «Mystery Box» challenge and the immunity pin, because with her advantage she gave specific ingredients to her companions so that each one could develop their creativity challenge.

Over there the winner was comedian Diego Camargo, so together with Liss they became team captains and chose their respective groups. On the one hand, the girl from Cucuta chose ‘Pity’ Camacho, Frank Martínez, Emmanuel Esparza, Marbelle and Cata Maya for her red team; while Camargo went with Viña Machado, Carla Giraldo, Endry Cardeño, Gregorio Pernía and Freddy Beltrán for his blue team.

In this part of the competition the groups had to present 3 types of desserts, but unfortunately the blue team did not do so well, so they went to the elimination challenge.

In this the cooks had to prepare the options that Diego Camargo himself chose for each one, among which there were two octopuses, two lobsters and a fish. He assigned the octopuses to Gregorio and Endry, the lobsters to Carla and Viña, and the fish to Freddy, (the latter considered one of the simplest).

Although most of them did not do very well with their dishes, the one who made the biggest mistake was Freddy, because judge Jorge Rausch accidentally found a bone in the fish, which immediately caused his elimination.

Amid tears and emotional words, the comedian said goodbye to the judges, his colleagues and the kitchen that saw him grow gastronomically in the last weeks.

Reactions in networks for Freddy’s departure

Of course, the exit of the charismatic comedian caused a whole wave of indignation, discomfort and sadness among the followers of the program, since many assure that they want ‘Las 4 babys’ to come out, that is, Carla, Cata, Viña and Marbelle for their criticized way of to compete.

Here are some of the memes and comments that became a trend in networks.

Athe rest, Freddy himself created a funny meme according to his exit «for a thorn».

His son and his companions regretted his departure.

During the elimination chapter that took place this Sunday night, the comedian shared some stories in which he showed how his son, who previously confessed that he suffered with each challenge, broke down in tears at his father’s departure.

Also your friends Frank Martinez and Diego Camargo They shared some messages on networks in which they expressed their sadness at his departure.

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