Former Challenge participant decided to auction off her underwear

Is about Karoline Rodríguez, former Challenge participantwho decided to put his clothes up for auction to earn money.

Karoline Rodríguez has stood out on her social networks for making quite daring publications, or as other people would say risqué. For this reason, for a few months now, the former Guerreros participant decided to open an OnlyFans account to be able to publish this content without restrictions.

Former Challenge participant explained why she has OnlyFans and how her thong auction works

Apparently the young woman has received many questions where they tell her why she opened an account on this new social network. For that reason, she herself was in charge of answering her questions and also auctioning off a thong that she had used in one of her hot videos.

Karoline accompanied the publication with a description in which she assured «Today I want to share with you that I use an option in Only called Fundraising to auction the thongs I wear in a video». She then added that for those who cared or criticized her for appearing on OnlyFans, don’t feel bad. “There I can show my erotic, sensual facet, I am a sexually active woman with or without a partner, using many methods that are offered to single people today. I do not do pornography, which is also another doubt and in addition to that, he earned well for doing something that is to my total liking”.

The young woman who is one of the Colombians with the most followers on OnlyFans, also wanted to emphasize that it is a job that she enjoys and that she is not embarrassed at all, «I’m not stealing from anyone, I’m not killing anyone and even less I’m going over anyone, this does not make me less of a person or a sinner, I just go for my life betting on new work tools that I enjoy».

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