For Diego Torres, «Life is a waltz»

The Argentine artist Diego Torres presents his second song from the album that will be released in October and it is again a positive song, following the color line of hope, Trying to be better and the most recent «Today is Sunday.»

Following in the footsteps of his recent success «Today it is Sunday» ft. Ruben Blades, Diego Torres premieres «Life is a Waltz»the second single from their forthcoming album Good Life which will be available in early October when Diego will start touring Latin America to promote the album.

Written by Diego Torres, Yotuel Romero, Beatriz Luengo and Antonio Rayo Gibo, «Life is a Waltz» It is now available for digital download and streaming on all music portals.

Life is a waltz is another of the special songs on this album. We all have challenges to run in life, fears, but we always have to define and face the situations that sometimes go well and sometimes go wrong and give a reading to the life we ​​are leading.

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October 15Diego Torres will enter the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame during the Musa Awards Awards Gala in Miami Beach. A recognition that is only given to artists who have left their mark throughout their career, as Diego Torres has done, with hits of the stature of “Color Hope” and “Trying to Be Better” among many others.

Listen to his song “Today is Sunday” here

In addition, Diego Torres will be participating in the Latin GRAMMY® Acoustic Sessions which start at the end of September and extend until the beginning of November and take place in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas.

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