Fonseca’s new video will shake you

A few days ago, Fonseca released the video for his most recent song called Volver a Verte, which he did in the company of the brothers. Cali & El Dandeenow his compadres as he has called them.

The winner of 5 Latin Grammys and currently nominated for “Simples Corazones” in the “Best Tropical Song” category, he applies the sound of modern pop to this song that reaffirms his musical evolution and versatility.

The beautiful video talks about those moments when it is necessary to ask for forgiveness, lower your head and accept the mistakes in a relationship; but also to say that time has not been lost and that everyone can fall in love again and remember all the good things that were lived and can live again.

A perfect video, a situation that we have all experienced and that when watching it at this moment makes us yearn for that moment in which we let go of our lives the person we loved so much.

Watch the video and tell us if you let someone go from your life forever and later regretted it.