Fonseca and Matisse present us their song ‘Pasa’

Fonseca and Matisse present us ‘Pasa’, a new release included in the ninth record work of the Bogota singer.

The premiere coincides with the release of his new album called ‘Traveler’from which songs that sound frequently on Vibra come off.

‘Pasa’ is a song composed by Fonseca himself in the company of the inseparable Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres who were also its producers.

After 20 years of musical career Fonseca has joined Matisse the young Mexican Pop band to give us this beautiful song.

Listen to ‘Pasa’ the new Fonseca and Matisse

“The title of the song stems from this thought by David Remartínez that I came across while thinking about the direction of this new production and this 20-year career path and said message read: ‘There are travelers, travelers and tourists. The traveler moves to know and perhaps tired of himself. He wants to observe others, present himself before a different landscape and check if something sticks to him or if he drops it. The traveler, however, moves whole, is transported to where he is just as he is. The traveler returns as he left: being exactly the same.

This production was made during the time of the pandemic time that kept the artist away from the stage.

From this new production we have already seen several releases in the company of Greeicy Rendón, Silvestre Dangond, Cali and El Dandee, among others.

TracklIst of ‘Traveller’

  1. Kisses on the forehead
  2. Walk past Matisse
  3. Live
  4. 2005 with Greeicy, Cali and El Dandee
  5. Let’s fall in love again
  6. What happened to us
  7. Forgive me my mistakes
  8. Cartagena with Silvestre Dangond
  9. To be able to say goodbye
  10. Talk to me Shortly with Cimafunk

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