Flower beards, trend in men

A new trend took over social networks. It’s about the #flowerbeard (or flower beards), images of men of all ages posing with small flowers embedded in their beards.

This trend, although strange, does not seem to be very new. Some photos of those that can be found on the Internet date from 1977, years after the ‘hippie’ movement, although at that time the flowers were often worn in the form of a crown on the head.

In mid-April, a group of scientists from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) pointed out that the hair rarity of men, that is, the beard or lack thereof, is attractive to women.

According to this study, everything depended on what was common at the time. Thus, if clean-shaven faces were rare, they would be more attractive. Otherwise, if bearded men were the rarest, this would attract more attention from women. Which means that as it becomes more popular, it will be less sexy.

Source: Belelu

Do you find beards attractive on men?