Flea market in Bogotá, unmissable options!

If you want to know a little more about the flea markets in Bogotawe leave you 3 unmissable options that you must visit.

If you like to make different plans in Bogotá such as visiting museums completely free or why not, go shopping. You have to know the flea markets where you can find and browse antiques or oddities of the city.

San Alejo Flea Market

This flea market is one of the most traditional, it is San Alejo, which is open every Sunday and holidays from 9am to 5:30pm. The place is located at Carrera 7 No. 24-70 and there they sell all kinds of antiques, knickknacks, second-hand clothes, furniture and music on acetates.

Usaquen Flea Market

The Usaquén flea market is located on Calle 120 with Carrera 4, and has stood out because it offers a wide range of arts and crafts. In addition, different samples of artists and craftsmen who work with ceramics, fabrics and recycled materials such as glass and plastics are made.

Rivas Passage

Luís G. Rivas was the one who had the idea for Bogotá to have a Parisian-style shopping center, which is why he ordered the construction of Pasaje Rivas in 1893 and this became the first shopping center in Bogotá. However, years later it had to move to Carrera 10 with Calle 10 where it is today and where you can find such emblematic elements as the leather ABC children’s suitcase, the wooden horse, the Rivas cot, games such as the frog, yew, wooden tops and old yo-yos.

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