Flaxseed for hair, the mask that your hair will appreciate

Apply a face mask flaxseed for hair it is one of the best decisions you can make; Here we explain how to prepare it.

Many wonder if flaxseed is good for losing weight and it may work for you to achieve it, since they are rich in minerals and vitamins, especially they have a high content of fatty acids such as Omega 3. For this reason they are considered one of the most powerful foods of plant origin.

But they not only benefit the inside of your body, but also your outside, more specifically, your hair. That’s right girls these seeds are blessed for hair.

Benefits of flaxseed on hair

The so-called flax seeds must go through a process of extraction from the plant that bears the same name. Due to its natural properties, it has become an essential element in hair health care, since it would regenerate and renew it in an almost miraculous way in a short time. There are those who say that it would regenerate the scalp and favor the growth of the hair.

flaxseed in hair

Just a few applications in the form of a mask is enough and you will see the results that you have sought so much with not so effective treatments.

  • control the fall hair related. (To obtain this benefit, you must take a teaspoon on an empty stomach).
  • Increase: Accelerates the growth of hair strands, which will look thicker, stronger and healthier. (Ideal to do massages with oil on the scalp).
  • Fork: perhaps it is one of the best ways to say goodbye to hair clips because it prevents and repairs split ends and brittle hair.

How to prepare the flaxseed gel hair mask?

Ideally, combine consumption with topical application directly on your hair. You can use it in oil form or as a gel. The oil is purchased on the market; the gel, instead, you can prepare it at home.


  • A heaping tablespoon of linseed (flaxseeds)
  • 1 cup of water

Implements necessary

  • Cooking pot
  • Strainer
  • Glass or plastic container to store the gel
  • Spoon

Time required

30 minutes

Estimated cost

$3,000 (COP)

Procedure and how to prepare flaxseed for hair

1. Heat

Place the seeds and water in a pot and place over high heat.

2. Boil

When it comes to a boil, let it boil for five minutes.

3. Put out the fire

When you see that the seed releases a kind of «drool», remove from the heat.

4. Strain

Let cool and strain the seeds.

5. Store

Store the resulting gel in the jar. It will keep fresh for a week in the fridge. The seeds can be thrown away.

6. Apply

You can use it as a gel, for daily use. As a mask you should use it on the scalp and then from the middle to the ends. Let it act all night, so that it takes effect while you sleep.

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With information from: Health Line

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