Flash techniques to reduce stress in a 2 x 3

When you’re about to explode from stress, wait! Relax in a 2 x 3 with these «flash» techniques… And avoid a «little scene» in the office!

Do you stress a lot? Do not worry, today the same thing happens to all of us, the problem is that our body is not prepared for it. In that way? Nature has prepared us to react to danger with fight or flight, causing us a very high tension (stress) designed to save our lives, but not to live with it at all times. This world we live in constantly puts us in stress mode, and that can kill us!

There are many techniques to combat stress but you have to integrate them into your routine and do them judiciously, routinely, not at the moment when you are about to jump out the window! That’s why we share these techniques to lower stress instantly, in a 2 x 3!

numerical technique: Before yelling, count backwards from 10 to 1, this will make your brain focus on something automatic, which will help you relax before continuing to interact with other people.

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Breathing technique: Ask for a minute and, if you can, lock yourself in a bathroom. Look in the mirror while you take a slow breath until you fill your lungs. Hold for 5 seconds and slowly release. Repeat a couple of times: you will see how the visible symptoms of stress such as sweating, palpitations, redness or paleness of the face, and others, will disappear.

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Technique of future memories: When you see it black, look for a very happy memory, which is also very vivid, and focus on it, thinking that soon you will feel all those pleasant sensations again. The power of the mind is so strong that your stress level will begin to drop.

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Sand grain technique: When you are like a pitadora pot, before sending everyone to eat «poop», reflect, is what is happening to you really that important? Think that this moment you are living is just an insignificant point in the history of humanity, which, in turn, is a drop in the sea of ​​millions of years that the earth has had since its formation… You can continue like this until the Big -Bang or biblical creation, depending on what you believe, and you will discover that what is happening to you, in perspective, is not so serious. This is the most effective technique of all, but you must use it very carefully, if it gets out of hand it could give you «blues».

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