Fish scales, what are they for and how to use them?

Have you ever been concerned to know, What are fish scales used for? It is clear that they could be good for you and that in certain cases they would help you to make simple home treatments.

When talking about seafood, we all imagine ourselves in exquisite recipes with fish accompanied by salad and banana… But this time we will not talk about food but about the benefits that the use of scales could have in very specific situations.

What are fish scales for?

So that you resolve any doubts about this animal, we show you the indicated ways of using fish scales in daily life and the benefits that they could bring to health and aesthetics:

What benefits do fish scales have?

This protective layer of fish skin would have good health benefits due to its high collagen content. Among the advantages that its use could have would be the reduction of expression marks on the face, the reduction of acne and the contribution of elasticity and moisture that it could bring to the dermis.

How to remove scales from a fish?

There is a very simple trick that can help you in this task: place the fish on a flat surface and hold it firmly by the head. With the help of a knife or a spoon, drag the tip of any of these utensils from tail to head, so that the scales come out by themselves.

Is it true that fish scales are useful for joint pain?

Although there is no strong scientific evidence to confirm it, it is said that fish scales could in some cases reduce joint pain such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Remember that before ingesting this type of product, you should consult a doctor.

Fish scale collagen

The popular collagen turns out to be a body protein that is present in various organs and functions of the body. you may not know what is collagen for but as long as you know that it would help you reduce wrinkles, improve the appearance of your nails and skin, it will surely attract your attention. See here how to prepare it at home in an easy way:

How to make collagen with fish scales

It is enough to cook the scales in water so that they become a kind of gelatin (collagen), which can be used in controlled doses about three times a week to strengthen the bones and give the joints an extra layer of protection, which improves elasticity in the joints of all extremities. If you prefer, you can also make a collagen mask and apply it to your face to remove wrinkles or scars.

What are boiled fish scales for?

Boiling the scales in water is one of the best formulas to take advantage of the properties it offers the body. The scales can be stored dry and wear out little by little. The main idea of ​​using fish scales is to obtain collagen from them (substance from which they are mainly made) and that you can apply to your skin three times a week maximum.

Fish scales contraindications

Although the use and consumption of the scales is highly recommended, it must also be said that it has some contraindications. For example, in people with allergies to animal protein, intolerance to phenylalanine, who are taking very low protein diets or for those who have kidney problems at any time in their life.

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